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For American clothing company IZOD, atelier design created a new concept for its women's shop-in-shops, to display the classic blue label sportswear.  a.d. revived the brand’s image with a clean, comfortable design, pairing sleek materials with distressed woods and relaxed fabrics. Taking a cue from IZOD’s founding years, many of the forms are mid-century modern inspired, implying organic simplicity and integration with nature. To draw customers' attention to the shop, a.d. created a feature wall, containing elements for mannequin display, merchandise, and imagery, highlighting the brand's DNA. The shop's back wall is framed by an L-shaped distressed walnut "eyebrow" to accentuate IZOD from neighboring brands. Horizontal walnut and white lacquer shelving artfully composes a display for folded and hung merchandise. Bringing the outdoors into the shop, a.d. created a "pergola" display element, which is introduced at the aisle and repeated again at the feature wall. Other beach-inspired elements, such as the white-washed oak bead boards, wooden decking, linens, and canvas upholstery, reinforce IZOD's "casual, relaxed, outdoor, coastal" lifestyle. The concept will be implemented in department stores, beginning in March 2011.