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A client presented the challenge of transforming their outdoor terrace into a space solely dedicated to their religion, Islam. After much research, the design team knew they had to provide the client with a place that would fully support the act of prayer and be free from distractions during times of fasting or contemplation.

The space, built according to divine proportions, draws on the golden spiral as a central element to guide the occupant through the process of prayer. This golden spiral changes forms and materials throughout the space. First, a step down guides you to the physical cleansing area, used to wash hands and feet before prayer. The curve then leads to the spiritual cleansing area, used to purify thoughts prior to going before Allah. The occupant would then set a prayer rug in front of the golden spiral, which is atelier design's modern interpretation of the traditional niche that indicates the direction in which to pray, the Qibla. The latter part of the space remains outdoors and provides a place to contemplate and reflect on their spiritual journey, as well as take in views of the East River.

The design accomplishes a modern, clean aesthetic that fits in well with the rest of the client's home, but is informed with elements referring back to religious traditions. One of the moods that a.d. wanted to evoke was a feeling of nature and paradise, which is symbolized by the colors green and gold in the Islam religion. This was managed through the use of greenery, indoors and outdoors, and through a color palette of rich and luxurious greens, golds, and accents of red and blue, which are thought to mean devotion and protection. Very modern and sleek pieces coexist with traditional Isfahan prayer rugs, a muslim Hilal, and a Moroccan hanging lantern to create a contemporary Muslim place of prayer.