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This living room was designed for a home on the Upper East Side, which affords lovely views of Central Park. The client secured atelier design to renovate their dark and dated living room and create an atmosphere that lends itself to elegant entertaining.

a.d. established a seating plan that allows for circulation around the room, inviting guests to take in the views at the windows. The overall mood achieved is light and airy, but sophisticated and timeless. Most of the pieces chosen evoke a traditional style, but the integration of modern materials and pared-down furnishings makes the design feel fresh and new.

The color palette was developed around a pale blue matèlasse fabric. This became the upholstery fabric for two refurbished Louis XVI armchairs. The smoke blue also appears in a contemporary damask pattern and a textured macaron pattern, both used for throw pillows. It also became the wall color, with a tint of sunny yellow on the ceiling, which gives the room a warm glow. A deep Prussian blue and a rose quartz make a statement against the subtle hues. An over-stuffed, tufted sofa, upholstered in a rich silk velvet, invites you to relax and linger. The rose quartz is seen on throw pillows and a bench that can be moved about the room as more seating is needed. At the windows, a luxurious diamond-stitched silk is used for the draperies, in an understated ivory. Brushed stainless steel on the bases of the cocktail table and bench, adds reflection and suggests a tension with the traditional elements. The space is grounded by a dark, complex walnut wood floor, layered with a plush area rug in a classic botanical pattern.

To exaggerate the room's dimensions, crown molding and chair moldings were installed, as well as classic applied moldings to frame an exquisite striped wallcovering. Its metallic silver and beige velvet stripes simultaneously add depth and reflection to the walls, which lightens the room, while maintaining a warm and alluring mood. Accents add an equally gleaming quality: a grand chandelier, a console table encased in fluted French crystal, and a petite Venetian mirror, to name a few.

This sophisticated salon underwent a complete transformation, becoming a place ideal for intimate gatherings, as well as the perfect room to retreat to on a sunny afternoon.