The client came to atelier design with the prevalent challenge that comes along with Manhattan living, to design a small space that multi-tasks. Since the apartment is rented, another challenge presented itself in that no major structural or electrical alterations could be made.

The apartment utilizes an open concept as the entryway flows directly into the dining and living spaces, which are separate, but adjacent to the kitchen. A hallway leads to the bath and sleeping quarters. The design team felt it was important to view the different spaces as one volume, to make the apartment feel larger and less divided. Using one color story throughout helps accomplish this.

a.d. developed a scheme around a mid-century-modern armchair, upholstered in a saturated jade tone of silk velvet that the client fell in love with. The color is used as a neutral, repeated in different shades of wall paint, in duchess silk window treatments, and decorative accessories. A beige paint with just a tint of jade brings balance to the palette. Golden yellow is used sparingly as a pop color, in some accents and in a cut silk velvet fabric that reinforces the color palette and adds classical elegance to an otherwise modern design. Brown brings warmth and depth, used in the upholstery and repeated in the rich tones of the walnut furniture. Touches of silver and steel can be seen throughout, from the bases of the furniture to the barware displayed on the sideboard, to lend a reflective quality and layered effect to the space.

The entryway is given purpose by a natural steel console table that catches purses or keys, beneath a modern bamboo mirror.  These elements make an immediate impression and help to set the tone for what is to come. The dining space, across from the kitchen, is grounded by a large slab of American walnut set on a stainless steel base, the perfect marriage of organic and sleek. Simple, modern chairs sit on either side of the table, while plush, more traditional chairs sit at the heads, making a dramatic statement. Instead of the expected pendant light, an arching floor lamp provides overhead lighting.

AD created two seating vignettes to ease the flow into the living room and give the illusion of more space. One vignette provides a comfortable place to sit and read a book, while it also imparts an additional place for gathering and conversation. The client's favorite chair sits here, beneath a reading lamp, with a versatile garden stool nearby, adding a pop of color. A tall mirror placed across from an expansive window bounces light around and draws your eye to the height of the room instead of the small footprint.

The second seating area imparts an inviting sofa and armchair, upholstered in a durable brown ultrasuede. These are centered around a contemporary cocktail table made of ebonized oak, and polished stainless steel. A walnut sideboard holds glassware and china, while also keeping audio/visual equipment out of sight. The sideboard doubles as a bar for serving drinks.

The overall feeling of the space employs the sensibility and modern aestheticism of the 1950's, pays tribute to classic patterns, and draws on the unexpectedness of vintage finds.