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For a charming Art Deco building on Riverside Drive in Manhattan, atelier design was contracted to plan a renovation of the property's lobby. With the central goal of providing a fresh, welcoming ambiance, the atelier design team designed a complete overhaul of the space.

a.d. presented two color schemes that shared several intrinsic concepts. Teal, brown, and wheat tones are used in a design that is contemporary and streamlined, while a cool gray, black, and prussian blue palette offers a more classic, understated sophistication. atelier design focused on lighting to brighten the space and enhance its architectural details, creating a brilliant and vivid environment. Furthermore, a dark and dated terrazzo floor was replaced with an elegant limestone, which lends an airy, open quality to the space. 

A large round table, placed in the center of the room, grounds the space and seems to expand its boundaries, while seating at the perimeters gives residents and visitors an inviting place to unwind. On a focal wall, a graphic installation of a vintage map of Manhattan was placed above a gleaming mirrored sideboard - a perfect example of how traditional heritage pieces coexist among modern elements to blend seamlessly with the building's Art Deco roots.