Club Monaco Flagship Becomes The Ultimate Lifestyle Destination

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Club Monaco Flagship Becomes The Ultimate Lifestyle Destination

Check out the super chic library inside the flagship shop.

Entering the New York flagship Club Monaco in the Flatiron District feels more like hanging out in the clean, well-appointed home of your coolest, chicest friend 
than shopping in a store of any stripe. You’ll want to move right in and claim the graceful feminine aesthetic as your own.

Stepping into the main space, there are trees in full bloom and walls lined with
the store’s crisp, monochromatic fall line. Kettle-size Baies Noire candles from Diptyque lit throughout almost dare you to try to leave. Turn a corner and find yourself in a cozy library with bookshelves stocked with tomes heavy on style and design begging to be browsed. Then, peek into the next room and hear a coffee grinder hum while people chatter over cappuccinos.

The Fifth Avenue store, launched in November, aims to represent the evolving direction of the nearly 30-year-old brand by transforming it from a traditional retailer stocked with its signature black-and-white collections into a lifestyle destination — a curated shopping experience, if you will.

There’s are outposts of Brooklyn-favorite Toby’s Estate Coffee and bookstore mecca the Strand, which hosts events with author- stars like Mindy Kaling and Andy Cohen.

“We wanted to create an area you want to hang out in,” says Caroline Belhumeur, the store’s SVP of women’s design.

That cross-retail experience was born a few years ago online at Club Monaco’s blog Culture Club, which seeks to reveal connections between food, music, art, travel, fashion, photography and the clothes they inspire. How the vision rolls out to other shops depends on those locations.

Step inside the luxurious shoe salon.

The Soho store features works by local artists that Belhumeur says “nod to the environment.” The Southampton outpost, which opened this summer, spotlights flea market housewares.

Collaborations with outside designers abound as well. Cur- rent and upcoming capsule collections include Jane Mayle, Anna Sheffield, Seaworthy and Grenson.

“They’re all things we feel fit in and give our customer a more interesting shopping experience,” Belhumeur says. “Sometimes they know them, sometimes they’re discov- ering new things. It’s exciting.”

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